Keyword Optimization [2021] – An Actionable Guide ?

1. Keyword in the title – This is the foremost important step – to put the main keyword in the title.

Make sure the keyword is present at the beginning and not in the middle or end.

For example:-

Our main keyword is – download kodi for firestick

Now there are many ways to form a title.

A.) How to download Kodi for Firestick?

B.) Download Kodi for Firestick – The Complete Step-by-Step Guide

 I always go with the second one!!!

Because the keyword is present at the beginning.

2. Use of keyword in Headings Make sure your main keyword is present in headings/sub-headings at least twice. 

3. Keyword density – Keyword density refers to the number of times we use our main keyword in between the content.

Our keyword density MUST BE 0.50%

In simple words – if our article is of 1000 words, we are going to use our main keyword 4-5 times at max. If 2000, then 8-10 times and so on…


Important places where our keyword must be present in the content –

a.) Title

b.) First para (and bold it)

c.) Sub-headings (2 times)

d.) Last paragraph (and bold it)

e.) Rest – sprinkle it over the content

f.) Keyword optimization must look natural (and not stuffed)

4. Use of Synonyms – Don’t forget to sprinkle the synonyms similar to the main keyword in between the content.

You can also see Synonyms as the terms that are closely related/relevant to our context.

For example:

If your write up is about “kodi for firestick”, you should also talk about other platforms on which kodi is available. Let’s say – Windows and Roku?


If you’re talking about “how to be rich”, instead of using the word rich again & again, use terms like wealthy, well-off, substantial etc…

5. Avoid use of year in the url – Avoid using years while updating your permalink in WordPress dashboard. It’s a BIG NO!

For example: 

a.) Incorrect –

b.) Correct –

6. Choose keywords with minimum 4 words – 4 word keywords are easy to rank on Google . So from now onwards, choose keywords having minimum 4 words.

For example – Download kodi for Windows


Follow this Readability Checklist & Convert your Visitors into Subscribers ?

1. Transition words – Use transition words like ‘most importantly’, ‘because’, ‘therefore’, or ‘besides that’ to tie your text together. It will improve the flow of your article as they provide hints to the reader about what is coming next.

2. Sentence beginnings – Don’t begin your sentence every time with the same words like “now I’ll do this”, “now I’ll do that”. It will go annoying for the readers.

3. Paragraph length –  Your paragraph should not exceed 4 sentences. Short – yet crispy

4. Subheading Distribution – Using subheadings gives your reader a direction and a visual eye rest. It helps users to search what they are exactly looking for.

5.  Active Voice – Always write your content in active voice. Using passive voice will make your reader feel distant and the message will not be cleared. Active voice is short and to the point.

6. Sentence length – Your sentence should not exceed 15 words. Make is short.

8. Bullet points – Use as many bullets as you can use. Readers love bullet points because it saves their time making it quick to read & understand.

9. Emojis – Want your readers to connect with the emotions? Use Emojis wherever possible. Emojis set the mood right.

Note – Don’t overuse the emojis as it might backfire. Too many emojis will break the flow.

Must follow

  1. Must be use LSI keyword with natural in your article
  2. Check your first 3 compititor and need to write more then good from your compititor.
  3. Must be use Faq

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