We will make a website and Earn Money from this Project Step by Step


  1. What is Website
  2. What is Domain
  3. What is Hosting
  4. What is DA & PA?
  5. What is DR?
  6. What is traffic?
  7. What is Spamming Score?
  8. What is content ?
  9. What is keyword ?
  10. What is URL?
  11. What is Page Index?
  12. What is niche? What is Micro niche and Macro Niche?
  13. What is backlink?

1. About the Affiliate marketing

  1. What is Affiliate Marketing
  2. About of Amazon
  3. Why you should learn Affiliate Marketing

2. Niche Research

  1. What is Niche
  2. How to Research Niche
  3. Niche Analytics
  4. How to Select Niche

3. Keyword Research Free tools

  1. What is Keyword
  2. What is Long Tail Keyword
  3. What is Keyword Research Volume
  4. What is low Competitive keyword
  5. What is Informative keyword
  6. What is keyword Research Tools
  7. Keyword Research by Keyword Planner
  8. Keyword Research by keywordrevealer
  9. Keyword Research by ubbersuggest
  10. Keyword Research by Semrush

4. Keyword Research Paid tools

  1. What is Paid Keyword Research Tools
  2. How to Research Keyword By Paid Tools
  3. How to Buy paid tools
  4. How to Keyword  By Ahrefs
  5. How to Buy keyword by Moz
  6. How to buy keyword Keyword Everywhere

5. Keyword Research (buying Keyword)

  1. What is Buying Keyword?
  2. How to Research Buying keyword for affiliate?
  3. What is LSI keyword?
  4. How to Research LSI Keywords?
  5. Competitor Analytics
  6. What is KGR Ratio

6. Keyword Research (info Keyword)

  1. What is Informative Keyword
  2. How to Research Informative keyword for affiliate
  3. How to Research Informative LSI Keyword
  4. Competitor Analytics
  5. What is Keyword Cannibalization

7. Keyword Research (Single Product keyword)

  1. What is Single Product ReviewKeyword
  2. How to Research Single Product  keyword for affiliate
  3. How to Research Single ProductLSI Keyword
  4. Competitor Analytics

8. Domain Hosting Setup

  1. What is Domain
  2. How to Research Domain
  3. How to buy Domain
  4. How to Transfer Domain
  5. What is Expired Domain
  6. Why need Expired Domain
  7. What is Hosting
  8. How to Buy Hosting
  9. How to Setup Hosting
  10. How to Add Domain in hosting
  11. Site Backup
  12. C-Panel Setup

9. SSL Certificate Setup

  1. What is SSL Certificate
  2. Why Need SSL
  3. How to Setup SSL Certificate
  4. How to Setup Free SSL certificate

10. WordPress installation

  1. What is WordPress
  2. How to Setup WordPress in Hosting
  3. WordPress Setting and Feature Details

11. WordPress Theme Setup

  1. What is WordPress Theme
  2. How to Select a good WordPress theme
  3. How to setup WordPress Them
  4. Setup Free WordPress theme
  5. Setup a Paid WordPress theme
  6. How to change Theme

12. WordPress Pluging Setup

  1. What is WordPress Pluging
  2. Why need Pluging
  3. How many Plugin need for a affiliate website?
  4. Install Important plugin in wordpress

13. Website Category and Page Setup

  1. WordPress Category Setup
  2. WordPress Page Setup
  3. WordPress Category and Page SEO

14. WordPress Article Writing Setup (on page SEO)

  1. How to write a Strong Headline
  2. How to Setup Article with On page SEO Optimize
  3. How to Setup Keyword in article
  4. How to Use LSI keyword in Article
  5. How many word you have to write article
  6. Competitor article analytics
  7. What is H1 and H2 tag
  8. How to use Pons and Cons
  9. What is Meta Description
  10. URL SEO
  11. How to Write Meta Description
  12. Keyword Density
  13. How to publish Article

15. Image Optimization and Image SEO

  • How to setup a Unique Feature Image
  • How to setup Image alt txt
  • Competitor image analytics
  • Make a Unique Image by using Photoshop CS

16. Yoast SEO setup

  1. What is Yoast SEO Plugin
  2. How to Write a article base on Yoast Plugin
  3. How to setup Yoast Plugin

17. Google Sitemap and Search Console Setup

  1. What is Google Sitemap
  2. How to setup Google site map
  3. What is Search Console
  4. How to setup search console with Details

18. Google Analytics Setup and Robot Setup

  1. What is Google Analytics
  2. How to setup Google analytics With Details
  3. What is Robot Txt
  4. How to setup Robot Txt


19. Link Building by Comment

  1. What is Comment Backlink
  2. How to drive traffic by Commenting
  3. How to find out nich related website to Comment Backlink
  4. How to track comment Backlink

20. Link Building By Forum Posting

  1. What is Forum Posting
  2. How to find out niche related Forum Posting Website?
  3. How to Sign up a Forum
  4. How to Forum Posting

21. Social Media Profile Link Building

  1. What is Social Media Profile Backlink
  2. Social Sharing
  3. Quora link building Strategy With Traffic Drive
  4. Pinterest Link Building Strategy with traffic Drive 

22. Citation Link Building

  1. What is Citation Link Building
  2. How to Get the Citation Sites
  3. How to Link Building by Citation

23. How may Backlink Do you need

  1. How may backlink you need to rank your article
  2. Analytics about Competitor Backlink

24. PR submission Backlink

  1. What is PR Submission
  2. How to Find out PR submission Site list
  3. How to Get backlink by PR submission

25. Relevant  Site Backlink

  1. How to find out Relevant Website
  2. How to get Free backlink form Relevant Website

26. Guest posting Link Building

  • What is Guest Posting
  • How to get Relevant Website for Guest posting
  • What is Paid Guest posting
  • What is Free Guest Posting

27. Resource page building

  • What is Resource Page
  • How to make a Resource Page
  • How to get backlink by Resource page

28. SkyScrapper Process

  1. What is SkyScrapper
  2. How to make a SkyScrapper for Backlink

29. Audio, Video, and Doc Submission

  1. What is Audio Video and Doc Submisson
  2. How to find out This Types of Website
  3. How to share this file

30. Website Audit

  1. What is Website Audit
  2. How to a website audit by (screamingfrog)
  3. Paid and Fee website Audit

31. PBN Backlink

  1. What is PBN backlink
  2. How to make PBN backlink
  3. Why Risk PBN backlink

32. Amazon account

  1. What is Amazon Associate Account
  2. Make an Amazon Associate Account

33. Amazon Product Link inserts

  1. How to insert product link by using Plugin

34. Payoneer account making

  1. How to make a Payoneer account

35. Payment Method

  1. How to Withdraw Money from Amazon to your Bank account

Advance Strategy :

Website Speed check and Optimization

Broken link check

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